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"Proudly bringing knives to gunfights since 2003."



Outta My Head: A collection of things (mainly comics) from out of the head of award-winning cartoonist Owen Heitmann. Sometimes NSFW.

24-Hour Comics: An assortment of various 24-hour comics that I have created semi-annually since 2004. Suitable for all ages.


Basic Wage Kids: A pun-tastic webcomic about the members of an unsigned three-piece rock band. Updated every weekday from 2006 to 2007. Over 400 comic strips available in the archives! Suitable for all ages.

5031: Semi-autobiographical comics from a sharehouse in South Australia. 5031 ranges from political commentary to toilet humour, while examining everything from the manicuring habits of Vikings to punctuation rage. Updated weekly from 2004 to 2006. Sometimes NSFW. No longer online.


Fist Full Of Comics (volume two): A six-issue comics anthology zine edited by Owen Heitmann. Altogether, the six issues contain 77 comics by a total of 47 Australian and international creators. Suitable for maturer readers.

How To Save The World: A Beginner's Guide: In the tradition of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, this 48-page comedy-adventure comic book pits Chester Kennedy and his high school friends against an unexpected zombie threat — and proves that fighting occult evil doesn't need to get in the way of battling more universal teenage problems. With top production values thanks to a grant from the South Australian Youth Arts Board, How To Save The World is equal parts homage to and parody of B-grade supernatural horror movies. Suitable for teen and up audiences.